Maye Rechtsanwälte is a specialized business law firm in Frankfurt am Main with an international focus. The firm advises clients on all important legal issues arising in the business world. Our core practice areas are corporate law, commercial law and general business law, as well as unfair competition law, intellectual property law, and media law. We also provide litigation expertise in all of the aforementioned areas.

Maye Rechtsanwälte pursues a business concept marked by manageable size and a transparent cost structure. We offer our clients the quality features of a specialized law firm along with the personal service and lower prices of a small organization. The goal of Maye Rechtsanwälte is to provide clients with swift, straightforward, and practical solutions.

Maye Rechtsanwälte advises clients not only in the German language, but also in the English and Spanish languages. Our firm is part of an international network of reputable attorneys. This guarantees that if the need arises, our clients will receive expert legal advice and representation in other countries, as well.